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Writer's Block OC meme
Created by: Trafalgarlawfangirl

I.  Alright guys, you know the drill, choose 5 of your OCs and add a short description below (Even if you know what they look like the people who read it don't! Write it as if you were explaining it to an idiot!). If you don't have 5 OCs then make one up on the spot! Seriously, sometimes the random characters you make are some of the ones you have the most fun with. 

Magnus Pariah. 6’4, creamy haired and red eyed. The powerful half demon owner of Pariah Mansion, where people come in but never come out.

Travis Mundy. 6’4, black/grey/white Mohawk and amber eyes. Was possessed by a demon and inherited some of its powers after it was banished.

Kei Boldare (yes, he has a last name). 6’2, white hair and grey eyes. A demon who got cursed and had his wings taken from him. Now lives in the human world.

Ray. Just Ray. Dark blonde hair, very bright blue eyes and a dark blue tail. Always cheerful and smiling, very curious and somewhat naïve.

Leon Vanderbelt. 5’7, pink hair and lavender eyes. A nurse at Nosoco Hospital, more than happy to bang his colleagues in the supply closet.

II. You (the writer) are walking around a busy part of town, at some point, you end up crossing paths with [Character One], neither of you recognize the other. As the two of you continue on your way, what was one thing you both noticed about the other?

Me: Did…did he have red eyes? *shudder*

Pariah: Was she supposed to be an adult? She looked about fifteen years old.

III. [Character Three] or [Character Two] is trapped in a windowless room for the next 72 hours (3 days for those of you who won't do the math). Do they go crazy? What do they do to pass the time?

Travis: *rocking back and forth in the corner* All work and no play makes Travis a dull boy. All work and no play makes Travis a dull boy. All work and no play makes Travis a dull boy

IV. [Character Five] is able to go to the past and tell their past self some advice for the future. However, something goes wrong and they are only able to say one thing to their past self before being sent back to the present. What did they say? How does their past self react when the present self is gone?

Past!Leon: *is a lonely shadow, hiding away and watching the humans play*

Present!Leon: *materialises*

Past!Leon: Huh? Who…who are you? Aren’t you afraid of me?

Present!Leon: Chinupyourgonnabefinethefutureisgreatokaybye! *gets sent back*

Past!Leon: *does nothing for a moment, then slowly smiles* Thank you, stranger…

V. [Character One] and [Character Two] have gone together to [Character Four]'s party. After an hour [Character Four] calls off the party. What was the party for? Why did [Character Four] call off the party?

*Pariah and Travis are stood on the beach, staring at the sea*

Travis: So…uh…how exactly are we supposed to get to his party?

Pariah: I don’t know, but I refuse to get wet!

*They both stand waiting, neither really sure what to do. An hour later Ray’s head pokes up out of the water*

Ray: Hey guys, party’s off! Sorry!

Pariah: What?! We’ve been waiting here an hour!

Ray: Sorry! But I remembered it’s not actually my birthday today, it’s next week!

*Pariah’s eyes flash with anger*

Travis: Uh…Ray? You should run. Or swim. Whatever.

*Pariah goes full demon mode*

VI. In an alternate universe, [All the characters] are in high school together. What are each characters' stereotype? Do they interact with each other?

Pariah = Nerd/Geek/Weird kid that nobody wants to talk to

Travis = Jock

Kei = Social Butterfly

Ray = Class Clown

Leon = Slut/Valley Girl

Pariah would interact with nobody. Travis and Leon would probably interact, until Leon decides to make it sexual. Then Travis would punch him in the face. Kei and Ray would probably get along quite well.

VII. [Character Four] is a mad scientist. [Character Three] or [Character One] is their minion. What experiment are they working on? Will they use it to benefit mankind, or themselves?  

Ray: *wearing a white lab coat and glasses* Bwahahaha! At least, my most brilliant creation yet is completed! At last I, Ray, have perfected the sentient coral! Laugh with me, minion! Laugh!

Pariah: *is temporarily a merman now* No.

Ray: Bwahahahaha!

Pariah: Please stop.

Ray: *holds up coral for Pariah to see* But it’s brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!

Pariah: It’s pointless.

Ray: No it’s not! Look, it sings!

*The coral starts to sing horribly off-key One Direction songs*

Pariah: *blocking his ears* My god, that is evil!

Ray: Bwahahahaha! *undersea lightning flashes*

VIII. In a rare twist of events, [Character Two] ends up babysitting a child version of [Character One] or [Character Five]. Does it go well?

Travis: *stares down at kid!Pariah, who is glaring up at him with his arms crossed*

Travis: Nah, I’ll pass thanks.

IX. [All of the characters] are in a "friendly" game of Dodgeball. Who'd on what team? Who was picked last? Which team wins?

Team Travis: Kei, Ray, Leon

Team Pariah: None

Team Travis would win by a landslide, as Pariah refuses to cooperate and would rather be on his own.

X. [Character Four] is learning a new skill from [Character Two]. They're just starting to make progress when [Character Five] comes in. What skill did [Character Four] learn? Was [Character Two] a good teacher? Why did [Character Five] interrupt them?  

*Travis has Ray in his bath tub. He is teaching him about beer*

Travis: So you see, you only really wanna get nicely drunk. If you get absolutely slaughtered you’ll end up having a bad time, and not drunk enough is kinda boring. You gotta find the right balance of beer and food.

*Leon walks in*

Leon: Hey, I’m popping out for a bit. You guys want anything?

Ray: Are you going to get slaughtered?

Leon: Wh-what?!

Travis: *facepalm*

XI. [A random character of your choice] has become "Evil Overlord" for the day. During this 24 hour period, they choose [Character Two] or [Character Three] to be their slave for the day. Who was chosen? Why? What does the unfortunate slave have to do?

*Pariah has been made “Evil Overlord” for the day. He has selected Kei to be his minion, as he’s less likely to argue than Travis*

Pariah: Minion! Is it finished yet?

Kei: Yeah! It’s the most evil waistcoat anyone has ever seen! I’ve dubbed it…THE BLACK MAMBA!


*He slips on the waistcoat while lightning flashes and both and he and Kei laugh evilly*

XII. [Character Three] or [Character Five] have found a mysterious door. Are they brave enough to open it? Where does it lead? 

*Leon is walking through the hospital when he spies a door he hasn’t seen before*

Leon: Helloooooo. What’s this?

*He glances around to make sure nobody is looking, then opens the door and peers inside. He very quickly pulls his head back and shuts it again*

Leon: Jesus Christ! Since when did this hospital let people do that to the corpses?! And why do we have a room specially for it?!

XIII. [Character Two] has accused [Character Three] of some crime. [Character Four] is [Character Two]'s lawyer, and [Character One] is [Character Three]'s lawyer. [Character Five] is the judge. What was the crime? Is [Character Three] found guilty or innocent? What evidence is shown? In the end, what does [Character Five] decide?

Leon: *bangs gavel* Alright people, what’s going on?

Travis: Your honour, I caught Kei trying to steal my hair dye!

Kei: I wasn’t going to steal it! I just wanted to borrow it!

Pariah: And I think you will find that borrowing and stealing are two very different things.

Ray: Objection!

Leon: What?

Ray: I dunno, I just wanted to say that. *grins*

Leon: *heavy sigh* This is going to be a long trial….

XIV. [Character Four] or [Character One] is bored and decides to play a prank on [Character Five]. What is the prank? Does it work? How does [Character Five] react?

*Ray is staying at Leon’s apartment and is bored. Venturing out of the bathroom he goes into Leon’s bedroom and finds a strange black mask made of latex. He grins and gets an idea. Later, Leon comes home from work and Ray jumps out at him from behind the couch, wearing the mask*


Leon: *blanching* Ray…have you been in my room?

Ray: Aww…how’d you know it was me?

Leon: Nobody else I know is a mermaid, Ray.

Ray: Darn, darn, darny darn!

Leon: …Please give me that mask back.

XV. [Character Two] has decided to take a lazy day. How do they spend it? How do they relax? Do they invite anyone over?

The Ideal Lazy Day: By Travis

You will need:

A couch


Video Games

Friends to play video games with

Junk food

XVI. [Character One] and [Character Four] are plotting something, and it's up to [Character Three] to find out their plans and report back to [Character Two]. What are they planning? Does [Character Three] get away? What does [Character Two] do with the information?

Pariah: So, for Travis’ birthday I was thinking I’d finally kill him and welcome him into my home.

Ray: That…that doesn’t really sound like a great birthday present…

Pariah: Who said it was going to be a present?

Ray: *blanches*

*Kei, who has been hiding behind a bookcase, subtly tries to leave the room*

Pariah: *without looking* And where do you think you’re going?

Kei: Meep!

Ray: Kei, run! You gotta warn Travis!

*Kei tries to escape but the door slams shut. Pariah gets to his feet and goes full demon mode*

Pariah: Your right, Ray. Killing Travis wouldn’t be the thing to do. I’ll kill you two instead!

*Ray and Kei scream*

XVII. [All of the characters] are at the library. Who's reading what? Who falls asleep? Who gets into a fight with the librarian? 

Pariah = Thick, hefty tomes on dark magic.

Travis = Comic books.

Kei = Books on dragons.

Ray = Children’s picture books.

Leon = Karma sutra.

Ray is probably the one who’d fall asleep, surrounded by the hundreds of books he’s yanked from the shelves. Travis would get in an argument with the librarian for being too loud, which he would firmly disagree with. 

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